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While we were in New York a few weeks ago I was inspired to write a blog post about my must haves/ amazon travel essentials. Although a huge part of traveling is the actual planning of the trip, such as flights and places to stay, the other part is what you are going to pack for your trip. I have my go to list of travel must haves and have linked the same or similar options to each item below!

I think every trip we have been on its rained. While we were in Sydney, Australia back in 2019, we learned quickly the importance of proper rain gear. It was incredibly rainy the week we were there, we were even told by some locals that week was the most rain they had ever seen in their lifetime. Just our luck right? Ryan and I both had raincoats but at the last minute we decided to not pack an umbrella and we regretted that quickly on this trip. Since the rain made a lot of our activities either canceled or not possible, we decided to head to the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, which also turned out to be the same idea of many others. We took public transportation and did a good amount of walking in the pouring rain to get to the Aquarium and of course we could not find a single place selling umbrellas. That’s when we vowed to always bring our own for each future trip. Making an umbrella and rain jacket at the top of my list. Linked here is a rain jacket similar to the one I have, it of course has to be cute and functional. Along with the rain coat is a collapsible umbrella, it will not take up a lot of space in your suit case and can also fit in the bag you carry with you during your trip.

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I am always surprised by the amount of people that do not think the bring an empty water bottle through security at the airport, then fill it up on the other side at a water fountain. This way you always have a full bottle of water and do not have to wait for the tiny glass of water the flight attendants give you. We like to have our water bottles with us during our trips to help keep us hydrated with all the walking we generally do. Having a water bottle also keeps us from spending money on over priced water bottles. We love and use our Camelbak water bottles over and over again for everyday use and travel. They are a perfect size and we personally love having the straw, makes for quick drinks and less messes.

Next on my list is a sturdy cross body bag. This one linked here is similar to the one I like to use while traveling (and the one I steal from my mom (: ) The antitheft technology with lockable zippers and cut proof materials (lightweight steel mesh) help prevent theft/ pickpocketing. Having a bag built for traveling brings a lot of comfort, especially one that locks so you can avoid pick pocketers. Always better to be safe than sorry!

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Probably the most important must-have is a comfortable pair of shoes. Like I mentioned in my Travel Tips blog post here, Ryan and I are very go, go, go type of travelers which also means we walk A LOT. I have some minor feet issues that can make walking around not always the most comfortable, so good shoes are a must. Proper shoes make it so that I can do more during our trips. My go to pair are these cute and practical Clarks linked here. I have a gray pair that I love and have walked, no doubt, at this point thousands of miles in. They are comfortable, still cute and very supportive. Not to mention how many miles they have lasted me for. Once it is time to replace them I will be getting another pair they are that good!

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Fav travel bag and shoes shown here in Paris!

Last but not least on my list are an eye mask and sound machine. This is mostly for my fellow light sleepers! Although this might sound funny recommending and eye mask and sound machine, getting proper rest directly effects your vacation! Luckily we have not had to take too many red eye flights for our trips but we have every now and again. I have gotten on planes before, stuck in my ear plugs, put my eye mask on and have fallen asleep before the plane has even taken off, making the eye mask totally worth it. Along the same lines is my all time favorite sound machine. I recently discovered this specific sound machine at my sister in laws back in April of this year. It has been a game changer for me. If you are a heavy sleeper you most likely do not need to worry about this but if you are a light sleeper, like me, this will help you immensely I promise. Since I have gotten this sound machine I have taken it on every trip we have been on and I plan on taking it with us to each trip in the future. You never know what annoying noises are going to be going on either where you are staying or around where you are staying and since you can not control that, might as well do all you can to ensure a good nights sleep to help you fully enjoy your vacation!

Hope my Amazon travel essentials help you travel a little more comfortably on your next trip! Let me know YOUR travel essentials in the comments!

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