The Best Things To Do In Paris

I went to Paris almost 4 years ago now and I have been meaning to write a blog post about it ever since! I never want to forget our time there and hope our experience can help others plan their Paris trip. The real beauty of Paris is that it’s such a classic place toContinue reading “The Best Things To Do In Paris”

2021 Review- Lesson Learned

In all honesty this year was nothing like I thought it would be but yet was still amazing. In the Spring of 2021 Ry was approached about a job opportunity in Maryland. He would be working with a close friend and the job would help him get the leadership and business experience that he wasContinue reading “2021 Review- Lesson Learned”

3 Simple and Effective Ways to Save Money for Travel

I often get asked how we are able to afford to travel, these questions were asked more frequently when we were newly married and in school. But what we did then still applies now! My husband and I have always said that traveling is one of our main hobbies. Because we see traveling as aContinue reading “3 Simple and Effective Ways to Save Money for Travel”

Two Days In Iceland- Travel Tips on a Budget

My husband and I visited Iceland on our way over to Paris, France as part of our honeymoon. At the time Iceland air was offering a free two day stop over and we thought, why not! We were able to fly directly from Denver, Colorado to Reykjavik, Iceland. Since we knew we would only haveContinue reading “Two Days In Iceland- Travel Tips on a Budget”

How to Plan for Your Next Washington D.C Trip and What Not to Miss

I have lived 30 minutes from Washington D.C for 2.5 months now. I have already lost count of the amount of times we have gone to visit and we still have so much more we can see and do! I put together a few tips/ tricks that can help you plan your next trip toContinue reading “How to Plan for Your Next Washington D.C Trip and What Not to Miss”

Amazon Travel Essentials

While we were in New York a few weeks ago I was inspired to write a blog post about my must haves/ amazon travel essentials. Although a huge part of traveling is the actual planning of the trip, such as flights and places to stay, the other part is what you are going to packContinue reading “Amazon Travel Essentials”

4 Days in New York City

My husband planned a surprise trip to New York City for my 25th birthday! Most definitely the best present I could have received. I am all about experiences for presents, so this really was the perfect 25th birthday gift! I had a handful of people reach out wondering what New York City is like rightContinue reading “4 Days in New York City”

3 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in My 25 Years

It’s my birthday! I am turning 25 today and I honestly can not believe it. Although I know 25 is not very old, but for whatever reason it feels really old to me. Like the jump from 24 to 25 sounds like a whole lot more than just one year! To celebrate my 25th birthdayContinue reading “3 Life Lessons I’ve Learned in My 25 Years”