A Month In Maryland

Taken after church on our second Sunday in Maryland

I can hardly believe that just one month ago we packed up our lives and fit all our belongings (or what we had left after we sold almost everything) into a 5 by 7 U-Haul trailer and drove across the country to our new home in Maryland! I am still surprised by the fact that the three and a half days of driving truly did not seem so terrible. Although I had saved a number of movies and series to watch we actually spent most of our drive listening to podcasts! We instantly became hooked on Dr. Death. If you have not listened to this podcast series, I highly recommend. The narrator is incredible. We quickly learned that listening to podcasts was by far the best way to pass the time, so I got on Instagram and asked my followers what other podcasts they recommended and one mentioned the Saw Bone series (a medical history podcast) and again we were hooked. Because I am a nurse, I of course find all things medicine super interesting and luckily for me Ryan does too, despite not having a medical background. And that eventually is how we passed the 30+ hour drive from Utah to Maryland!

Still crazy to think that DC is only a 30 minute drive from us! Can you tell it was a little bright in this photo haha

When we first decided to move to Maryland and the initial excitement of moving across the country and doing something new wore off, I was became pretty nervous about the move. I began to worry about the safety of the area we had chosen to live in, I worried about making friends and finding those connections that are so important to me. I worried about how finding a job, what that might look for me and overall I was worried about becoming home sick and regretting the whole decision. For those who do not know, I was born and raised in Utah and besides serving a religious mission for my church, I had never lived outside of the state, so this move was a big deal. Although all my worries were valid, they became less and less as we spent more time in our new home over this last month. From the moment we arrived to now, we have felt nothing less of acceptance and kindness from those here in Maryland. While were were getting everything set up for our home with our leasing agent she started to tell us all the reasons we were going to love Maryland and then she said, “Everyone in Maryland is nice and if they are not nice, they are not from here.” We have found that statement to be so true! We feel so lucky that our transition across the country has gone so smoothly. It has gone so flawless in fact, that I am sincerely surprised. I kept waiting for something bad to happen and of course it never did. I think that just shows how right of a decision this must be for us!

All packed up

I am so excited to see what else is in store for us here! We are ecstatic to learn more about this beautiful area, the things to do, best places to eat and everything that comes with living on the east coast. I plan to document the experiences we have and things we learn along the way through this blog “The Elmont Place.” Starting a blog has been something I have wanted to do for a little over a year now. I felt a pull to have something that would allowed me to have a creative outlet, that did not involve DIYs or art and crafts (those things are very much not for me.) But I have always loved reading other bloggers whether its lifestyle, fashion or medicine content and thought it would be a perfect fit for me too. Although it is always nerve racking to try something new I am excited that I finally got the courage to do it and I hope you will come along with me!

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